Best Ways To Clean Your Carpets

The flooring that you choose for your space will really determine the look and feel of your space.  For many people, carpet is going to be their number one choice for floor covering.  This is done because carpet is easy to clean and maintain.  If you have carpet, commercial carpet cleaning services in Seattle, WA will help keep it up to date and looking good.

Use random patterns

Carpet is a fiber that takes a lot of punishment.  However, if you ware it in an uneven way, it will start to show its age.  This is why you want to clean your rugs in a random pattern.  When we clean in a random pattern we are not putting as much stress and strain on the fibers as we would otherwise do.

Don’t over clean your carpets

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Carpets hold and hide dirt very well.  The darker the carpet the longer it will hold the dirt.  If you have a high traffic area you will want to increase your cleaning increments, but you still don’t’ want to overdo it.  It is a good idea to clean your carpet every week or every two weeks.  This level of cleaning will help keep your fibers intact when cleaning them.

Don’t use hard cleaners

Many people will use harsh cleaners to wash away stains and other imperfections in their carpets.  You want to avoid this as much as possible.  If you have spots or stains, you will want to get a stain removing solution as well as carpet soap.  Combining them with water will help activate the solution and help break up the stains.

Use mats

Another great way to protect your carpet is to use lower quality carpets or mats that you put on your carpet.  These can be walked on and will not affect the overall carpet ware.