Protecting The Environment From Pest Control

When we hear the words pest control, we hear poison and people killing animals and insects.  What we don’t hear or really consider in the process is environmental damage.  For many mosquito exterminator in Grayslake companies and individuals, keeping the environment safe and secure is a top priority.  The use of environmentally safe and secure products is very important.

If we don’t use the right chemicals and products it could cause damage to the environment.  The most common damage will be the introduction of the toxic chemicals into the ground and water supply.  This is very bad for many different reasons, the one that is most important to us however is the fact that these chemicals can be returned into our food and water which could make us just as sick.

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To help ensure that your environment is safe from harm look for different ways to deal with ticks and pests besides using poisons.

Remove breeding conditions

The first line of defense is to prevent them from breeding.  If they can’t breed, then they can’t reproduce, and we break the cycle from getting out of control.  Many ticks and other insects lay their eggs in water.  If we remove these areas of water such as puddles and clean up water like lakes and ponds, ticks don’t have a place to lay their eggs.

Cut down grass

Grass is where ticks love to live.  They will come out and attach themselves to tall grass in or lay under rocks and cool areas.  If you cut the grass, trim bushes and keep your yard looking well groomed, then they will not have a place to go after leaving the water.

Have your neighbors do the same thing

You want to keep your neighborhood looking nice as well.  Have your neighbors keep their yards and environments cleaned up and eventually you will drive out the tick population.